March 23 eclipse horoscope

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  1. Partial Solar eclipse 12222: Here is how it will affect you, according to your zodiac sign
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Partial Solar eclipse 12222: Here is how it will affect you, according to your zodiac sign

Archives Low-Down Gold! As they happen! Cardinal Crossroads What is the Cardinal Cross? June 20, to Aug. November 12 to November 26, Full Moon in Taurus. September 28 to October 13, New Moon in Libra. October 13 to October 27, Full Moon in Aries. August 30 to September 14, New Moon in Virgo. September 14 to September 28, Full Moon in Pisces. July 2 to July 16, Solar Eclipse in Cancer.

July 16 to July 31, Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. June 3 to June 17, New Moon in Gemini. June 17 to July 2, Full Moon in Sagittarius. May 4 to May 18, New Moon in Taurus. May 18 to June 3, Full Moon in Scorpio. April 5 to April 19, New Moon in Aries. April 19 to May 4, Full Moon in Libra 2.

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March 6 to March 20, New Moon in Pisces. March 20 to April 5, Full Moon in Libra 1. February 5 to February 19, New Moon in Aquarius. February 19 to March 6, Full Moon in Virgo. January 5 to January 21, Solar Eclipse Capricorn. January 21 to February 5, Lunar Eclipse in Leo.

Low-Down Horoscope Archives Index

December 7 to December 22, New Moon Sagittarius. November 7 to November 23, New Moon in Scorpio. November 23 to December 7, Full Moon in Gemini. October 8 to October 24, New Moon in Libra. October 24 to November 7, Full Moon in Taurus. September 9 to September 24, Transits Only. September 24 to October 8, Full Moon in Aries.

Aries Rising March 23 Eclipse

August 11 to August 26, Solar Eclipse in Leo. August 26 to September 9, Transits Only. July 12 to July 27, Solar Eclipse in Cancer. July 27 to August 11, Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. June 13 to June 28, New Moon in Gemini. June 28 to July 12, Full Moon in Capricorn. April 15 to April 29, New Moon in Aries.

April 29 to May 15, Full Moon in Scorpio.

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March 17 to March 31, New Moon in Pisces. March 31 to April 15, Full Moon in Libra. February 15 to March 1, Solar Eclipse in Aquarius. March 1 to March 17, Full Moon in Virgo. January 16 to January 31, New Moon in Capricorn.

January 31 to February 15, Lunar Eclipse in Leo. July 23 to August 7, New Moon in Leo 1. August 7 to August 21, Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. June 23 to July 9, New Moon in Cancer. July 9 to July 23, Full Moon in Capricorn. May 25 to June 9, New Moon in Gemini. June 9 to June 23, Full Moon in Sagittarius. April 26 to May 10, New Moon in Taurus.

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May 10 to May 25, Full Moon in Scorpio. March 27 to April 11, New Moon in Aries.

April 11 to April 26, Full Moon in Libra. He also suggests an appropriate path for you. Before you set off on your trail, you were told by the trainer that you will need to jump a stone fence five miles down the road but that the horse is capable of doing the jump. You start out on the path the trainer suggested. Distracted by the gorgeous scenery, you forget about the fence until it looms suddenly in front of you.

Planetary Transits... As they happen!

You probably would have never taken this path if you knew how big it was. You cannot imagine going over that and surviving it! Yet, it symbolizes something you want to do but are terrified to do, so you feel conflicted fear vs. Before you can pull on the reins, you find yourself flying through the air on his back and much to your horror and yet giddy amazement, you are flying over the fence.

March lunar eclipse - Wikipedia

Much to your astonishment, you land perfectly. The horse is fine and so are you — but you feel shaky and count all your fingers to be sure you are all in one piece! It all happened so quickly! Timetables are moved up at eclipse time. You had no time to think! Now, however, you feel quite accomplished — proud of what you did, and rightly so! It is a great moment! Had you had time to think, you may not have had the courage to try. But you did react, and you succeeded.

Welcome to the effects of an eclipse. Bide your time and act in a few weeks when there will be less dust and less electrically charged static in the air.

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Said another way, it is better to listen and react rather than set forth dictums under an eclipse. If an eclipse falls on your birthday, the year that follows certainly will be quite eventful. One part of your life is surely due for massive change. You may experience a big change in lifestyle or in one specific part of your chart. If an eclipse of the moon a lunar eclipse touches your birthday, it will be a year of endings, closure, and possibly, of fulfillment.

Eclipses always bring unexpected changes of direction, but only if you have the Sun, moon, a planet, or other major point in your natal chart being touched by it. The eclipse does not have to fall in your sign to affect you, but it would have to be within a ten-degree orb of a major planet or point in your chart. Some astrologers only use a five-degree orb, but my experience shows you have to allow a wider area of influence, up to ten degrees.