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  3. Aquarius supernatural powers
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Aquarius Character

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Aquarius supernatural powers

Read what your sign's horoscope predictions have in store for you, or check out the Aquarius personality profile. February has only 28 days, which means you have to make every single one of them count.

But with the way things have been going for you lately, that should be easy. On Monday, February 4 , a new moon occurs in your sign, commencing a new chapter. After worrying way too much about everyone else's drama, this lunation helps you put the focus back on yourself. How can you harness this exciting celestial energy to continue fueling positive growth?

Aquarius supernatural powers

With the sun and moon connecting in the same sign, your emotions align with your ego as your psychic powers become increasingly refined. Under this sky, carve out time to look within. And if you have a reunion coming up, then it could be a huge success. Equally, this can be an excellent time to promote yourself and share your talents with others. Don't be too modest, as if you are willing, you may soon realize that what you do is appreciated by others. Don't wait for others to make the first move, as you could be waiting for a long time Leo.

It looks like it is over to you to be the one to reach out. There are also entertaining influences showing, so if you're considering a get-together, it could be fun. You may be the only one out of friends or a group that thinks the way you do, but this doesn't mean that your opinion isn't valuable.

The Full Moon Is Bringing You the WILDEST News

It may be that others feel the same but don't want to say so. If you speak your mind, someone else might find it easier to do so, and this could inspire further discussion. This can extend to clothes, jewellery, art or items to furnish your home.

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On a deeper level, you could be a tad defensive when it might not be necessary. Something a family member says or does could cause this when there may be nothing behind it.

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It doesn't really matter about what went wrong in the past, as this may have taught you something.