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While I expected Del Potro to make it to second week, did not really expect him to reach Semis based on his form in Preparatory tournaments. Best Wishes to Him against the King Nadal!! On clay, I expect a straight set win. Uranus may make Nadal a little apprehensive in the starting games, but the Bull is too pwerful in best of 5!!

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Bold prediction. Del Potro also is not Del Potro — he now swings through with his backhand as in early days and fueled enormous confidence winning Miami.

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At New York, Delpo wa already physically through after illness and the historical 5 setter against Thiem. What we learned from Nadal in 5 matches is that he struggles enormously when an opponent keeps score open. When he feels safe, he delivers. So open match for tomorrow.

Let me remind you an instance where Federer won Wimbledon. Rinse repeat a few games and Nadal will break Potro down physically. With this form, experience, preparation and temparment , luck, mental and physical strength, Rafa will be the champion,.

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  • But all the match will be four setter, no matter how the first goes and who won the first set against Rafa, the king of clay will produce class tennis and write his name in history. Nadal showed a good performance today. We will see what Potro can deliver who is mentally very strong. Instead of checking Nadal score , I am just checking Paris weather.

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    If Weather is good, Nadal will fire. Rafa is aiming for 11th title- which is again no. As per this year chart for Nadal, moon is aspected by ketu south node and mars in his 10th house career in Capricorn which is also house of exaltation for mar Although he will be nervy but he will definitely fight back to victory due to exalted mars.

    Tomorrow is going to be crucial for him but if he makes to Sunday, his chances are real good for 11th title. I am analyzing his charts based on vedic astrology sidereal. Thank you, Praveen. Always interesting to read different predictions. Yes, it looks as if Nadal is back in his stride after a shaky start yesterday. They would have started playing when the Ascendant was in Leo, as I mentioned yesterday, which is back to favouring the favourite.

    Haley — Muguruza and Keys vs Sloane. Thanks, Patrick. That would make sense for the astrology chart for the re-start of the match earlier today. It would be interesting to look at the astrology for the start of the semis, as it worked so well for the quarter-finals. Hi Sally, definitely!

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    It is scheduled for same Time as today! So But it might change…. I just went on the site and it says Nadal v. Moon at 8 Aries directly conjunct the Descendant, the other.

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    I think he looks a bit like the mountain goat. The Sun sextiles his starsign ruling planet Venus precisely. You mention the Moon conjunct DC 3.

    Horoscopes of the week September 2nd -8th .Raja Haider

    Mars trine natal Jupiter is gone tomorrow. Sorry for late reply. I think players need super-astrology to get within striking distance of Nadal at the moment. Thank you, James. Interesting what you say about the nodes. Also square Uranus does suggest an upset. I have noticed here most of the Rafa fans comments were deleted and encouraging the comments which is not favour to Rafa either Astro based or non astrology opinion.

    This could be addressed in this forum, please do encourage all the comments which make this blog very interesting. Thank you for your comment. I have deleted some of the comments this time around but not targeted one person in particular! I thaught the WTA wanted to do something agsinst a few years ago. I really would appreciate if some of you would predict yours too, including Patrick, Sally and the other astrologer. Hi Philippe, thank you for your prediction. How do you use astrology to determine the number of sets a player wins by?

    There must be a misunterstanding. Sorry for that. I do not believe that astrology can determine the number of sets. It is hardly to predict a winner. The sets are just a guess how hard it will be to win. I was just intrigued whether you had an astrology format you used to predict the number of sets. Pitsch, I think the tournament got very foggy now. When I thought Nadal could survive his Uranus transit, now he struggles again and it seems a Top 10 opponent could manage him.

    With the uncertain weather, we could well end in the next week and that would shake all the predictions up. He will go over Cecchinato I agree, then we maybe should see the schedule first. Patrick definitely agree with you.

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    A good point re. Nadal and the weather. Wet courts are going to play differently and yes, I agree, this is all very Uranus — unpredictable, bringing the unexpected. Unless the forecast changes, both finals may be delayed. Patrick, I agree that the weather is going to bring the unexpected to the mix.

    Stopping and starting the matches feels very Uranian. So far, schwartzman has been excellent and Rafa not looking in good form also looks tired. Can we have another upset today? Nadal was so lucky with the first rain break. It gave him a chance to get his strength back and refocus. Schwartzman was Mars in the first set and a half and strong; Nadal was Mars when he came back out to turn the score around to in the second set and strong.

    If they start bang on 12pm tomorrow, Leo is the Ascendant making the favourite for both matches the Sun in Gemini; the non-favourite Saturn in Capricorn. With the Sun in the 10th house, you have to fancy the favourite in both matches. I do think there are going to be more rain delays yet too in Paris, which is disruptive to the game.